Rout Akerman Wallage

2020年11月15日(日)開催「東京アートクラフトフェスタvol.3」に「Rout Akerman Wallage」さん(@wallagebyreut)が出展します。東京都港区「東京都立産業貿易センター浜松町館」4F展示室南で開催。

Rout Akerman Wallage

Hi, I’m Reut, an Israeli artist. I’m very excited and grateful for the opportunity to participate at the“Tokyo Art and Craft Festa”this year.

Ever since I know myself I was drawn into traditional Japanese paper (washi) and to washi tape.

5 years ago, I invented my original art technique called “Wallage”, started cutting my washi tapes into tiny pieces and pasting them side by side as a brushstroke in a painting, to create one highly detailed image. I describe my art as “washi- collage” – “Wallage”.

Wallage’s images describe nature life in a wide range of colors and patterns and are being inspired by the Israeli culture. For me, the israeli culture is a combination of jewdica, Middle east, oriental and modern influences. full with love of life, happy colors and sense of humor. Although Israel is a non stop war zone, its visual culture is full of optimism and joy.

As an adult I move through a lot of apartments, and it has always bothered me that my space won’t look gloomy and empty. So when I invented “Wallage” it was clear to me that I want to bring my art in the most convenient way for people to enjoy it and add it to their space easily.

“Wallage” is being potografted in high resolution and printed on high quality removable and reusable wall decals. You can place it, and replace it on any surface without damaging the surface.

I hope that “Wallage” will add beauty and colorful art decoration to your space, in an original mixture of traditional japanese washi, and playful israel approach to life.


2020/11/15 東京アートクラフトフェスタvol.3